Saturday, October 25, 2008

Roll'E Out of here Please!

When I drove up to this very well lite space and sign, Rolly's, I first thought, "oh, its next to a hotel, so it must be mediocre chain style place", but I was pleasantly surprised. (Reviews also mention it is in historic Cranbury; which to me implies it is off Main Street, but it is off Route 130)

A greeter opened the door for me and welcomed me to 'Roll-e's'; which I chuckled at, because names can make or break you sometimes (I do now live in the 'Diner' capital of the world now). The atmosphere was good, well lite, not too loud, and friendly service that was eager to please.

This was one of my 'Dining Out' BYO group choices and we were accommodated well and all the orders came out in a timely manner.

I heard everyone was well pleased with their choices, and they have some unique things I had not even had before as a chef, so I would go back.

Appetizers & Entrees: French Onion soup which was good, and the NY Strip Poivre (was not too peppery, but enough)with cognac sauce; which can be tricky, but cooked at Med Rare it was very tender, and came with garlic mashed potatoes, and a carrot sugar snap pea melody.

My friends: She had the Lamb Chops with mint pesto, and her husband had the corn chowder and Filet with lobster mashed potatoes. Great food. Fresh, great presentation, great taste for every kind of eater and good prices. A refreshing change to the area. Try the lamb chops and sea bass. They are out of this world. Four star food at bistro prices and a great atmosphere. We heard their take out food and deli sandwiches at lunch...... well you have to try them.

Dessert for us was mudslide pie (chocoholics, yes indeed!), and the chocolate swirl cheesecake; which I am not a fan, but this was good. We took half of our food home, because the portions are enough to share, but dessert was eaten there, and all house made.

WINE: Typically we try different wines at these events but only one other party brought wine, and shared at their end of the table; while my friends and I drank a Gewurztraminer, 2008, Alsace (My friend loves this, so I brought it for her, not necessarily to pair with the food).

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Beth said...

while I'm not a big wine favorite is Arbor Mist!!..the food at this place sounds wonderful!!!!!